Volunteer Church workers code of conduct

Codes of Conduct are part of the ACC's commitment to safe emotional and physical environments, an expectation of our Child Protection Policy and a commitment to providing appropriate duty of care, including health and safety considerations.

Volunteering in church life is a highly valued and important part of service to the church. This Volunteer Workers Code of Conduct outlines the standards of behaviour that are expected for all volunteer workers in ACC Churches.

Volunteer workers are all volunteers involved in serving the local church in teams, on rosters, and in any other way. 

ACC volunteer workers' lives are on display and are subject to public scrutiny and as such these standards of behaviour should apply not only to your church life but also your personal life.

1. Servant Hearted

Volunteer Workers are servants of Christ, who should endeavour to become servant leaders as modelled by Jesus (John 13:3-14). The misuse of authority can be a particular temptation when being given a position of trust and power - this must be avoided.

2. Behaviour

Volunteer workers: 

- will act in the best interests of those we serve

- must not be abusive in any way towards others, spiritually, emotionally, physically, or sexually, including domestic and family violence.

- will avoid theuse of offensive language (e.g. swear words, sexual connotations, and racial or religious slurs). 

- will exercise caution with all potentially addictive behaviours and/or harmful substances. Drunkenness is never acceptable. 

- will refrain from using any illicit substances. 

- will use caution when initiating or receiving physical contact with those we serve, including gestures of comfort as such gestures can be unwanted or misinterpreted.

- will act with sexual integrity. Sex is a gift from God and integral to human nature. All inappropriate sexual behaviour is forbidden (e.g. sex outside of marriage). Sexual innuendo and harassment of a sexual nature are always inappropriate.

- will report their concerns of abuse according to ACC Safer Churches Guidelines.

- will treat all program participants fairly and in accordance with ACC and local church policies, guidelines and position papers.

- will communicate with integrity, including accountable and wise use of electronic communication. 

- will acknowledge when they are out of their depth, do not possess the required skill set in difficult pastoral situations, such as helping a victim of abuse, or a person who needs professional counselling, and seek help from a supervisor or church leader. 

- will not take property belonging to others, including intellectual property (copyright).

3. Financial Matters

Volunteer workers are encouraged to have integrity in their financial dealings. Volunteer workers must not seek financial gain from their church role. 

4. Confidentiality

Trust is essential in serving the church. Confidential information must not be disclosed, and must be treated with the utmost care. Exceptions include when disclosure is required by law, abuse notifications whether required by law or not, there are concerns for the safety of the person or others, or when the information is in the public domain. Disclosure is a serious matter and the assistance of a supervisor or church leader should be sought. 

5. Commitment to Team Ministry

Volunteer workers: 

- will embrace the vision, values and mission of the Church, and continue to develop ministry skills through a variety of means including team meetings. 

- are accountable to team, watch out for each other and protect each other's integrity.


Any breach of this code involving a criminal offence may lead to a report being made to the relevant authorities. Any breaches relating to the harm, or risk of harm, of a child or young person will be dealt with under the ACC Child Protection Policy. This policy is available to all volunteers who have a direct role with a child or young person. Any other breach will be considered in the light of the best interests of the volunteer and those we serve and may result in the volunteer being stood down either temporarily or otherwise. 

Volunteer workers need to be open to correction and humble enough to modify behaviours so as not to discredit the gospel.