Getting Started

Faith is a dynamic journey and every person is looking for their next step. Here are 4 easy steps you can take to move forward in your relationship with Jesus.



If you joined us for church onsite or online this week, connect again this Sunday. You will find that the simple decision to connect each week will help you keep growing your faith.

We would love the opportunity to connect with you, celebrate with you and pray for you

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Download your free bible app direct to your device. This app includes easy to understand versions of the bible, including audio versions. If you have never read the bible before, a great place to start is the book of John. 

Step Three

Join a Connect Group

Connect groups are the lifeblood of Believe Church

Smaller groups of people to allow personal and deeper relationships, Hey your new best friend could be in the next connect group you join

Connect groups are in operation durning the school term
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Step Four

Join us for the Alpha course

Alpha is a course that answers common questions people ask about life and faith, particularly about Christianity. Whether you are new to church or have grown up in a religious environment, the alpha course will provide an excellent foundation for your faith.

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