what to expect on sunday

Church is on every Sunday at 9:30am

Our hope is that our Sunday service is a helpful experience for people investigating Christianity and those who are already followers of Jesus. Most Sundays you will meet a group of people diverse in age and cultural background. People arrive from 9am and get coffee. At 9:30am we all find a seat and things officially get underway. 

Every week we will look at a short passage of the Bible and consider what God is revealing about Himself in this passage, and what the implications are for us. Someone will explain the passage (for about 20 minutes). The passage will be on the big screen, you don't need to own a Bible. We will speak to God in prayer and sing ot God in song. You won't be asked to read anything, sing anything or say anything unless you are comfortable to do so. 

Most people dress casually. The formal part of church is over about 11am, and there is morning tea for those who hang around. There are usually people going out to lunch around the area, and it's easy to get invited along. 

Where to find us